After months of testimony and millions of dollars in legal fees, the Jackson Family’s wrongful death suit against AEG finally came to a close today. The jury ruled the large corporation is not responsible for what happened to Michael and therefore, doesn’t need to pay even a cent of the more than one billion dollars Katherine and company were asking for.

In order for AEG to be liable for Michael’s death, the Jackson Family attorneys needed to prove two different things. First, they needed to prove Dr. Conrad Murray worked for the company and not Michael himself, which was debatable since MJ was the one who hired him. Second, they needed to prove AEG knew Dr. Murray was incompetent and allowed him to work anyway. According to TMZ, the jury officially ruled that Murray did work for the company, but they also ruled there was nothing irresponsible about hiring him.

Throughout Jackson’s life, he was surrounded by enablers who let him get away with a long series of dangerous and weird behaviors without raising their voices. Dr. Murray was eventually sent to jail for his role in MJ’s death, but there were more than a few observers who wanted to see AEG punished too. After all, if executives from a large corporation watched someone slowly spiral downhill and did nothing in order to keep the proposed tour running smoothly, it’s really enough to make a person sick. On the other hand, however, Michael willingly put all of these substances in his body over the years. Maybe we should stop blaming everyone else and start pointing the finger at him.

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Who Was Responsible For MJ's Death?

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