Katherine Jackson either took a leisurely vacation without bothering to call the grandchildren she’s taken care of since Michael Jackson died, or she was duped by her own children into abandoning Paris, Prince and Blanket. One of those two happened, though not even Katherine herself seems to be sure of which. When the eighty-two-year-old matriarch first emerged from her exodus, she told ABC News she willingly gave up her phone in order to enjoy some rest and relaxation with her kids Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie who she knew would never try to manipulate her.

Less than a week later, Katherine’s story has already changed greatly. According to TMZ, Michael’s mother told the court today she didn’t contact the children while she was away because she assumed those around her would be honest. In fact, they supposedly told her Paris and company were doing well, and she had no way of knowing they had desperately filed a police report since her phone, iPad and television privileges were taken from her.

So, what the hell is going on? Well, there are really only two possibilities. Either Katherine left of her own free will to get some time away from the children and then freaked out after she was temporarily stripped of custody, or she’s a poor old woman who was coaxed away by some of her evil children for their own selfish purposes before the media coverage got too crazy and they had to send her back.

I tend to think she’s simply old. What about you? Do you think she’s actually a liar?

Which Describes Katherine Jackson Best?

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