New details about Katie Holmes’ distrust of Scientology are starting to emerge, and many of the whispers center around one of the Church’s fundamentalists arms called Sea Organization. Children are reportedly often sent to the Scientology camp without their parents in order to learn the ins and outs of the religion, but several ex-members have spoken out negatively in recent years about what actually happens there.

According to TMZ, Tom is a big supporter of Sea Organization, and Katie was reportedly very fearful about their daughter Suri being sent to learn the Church’s teachings. The minimum age to attend is five-years-old, and seeing as how Suri is six, a decision of whether or not she would go was likely coming. Since Katie reportedly wanted no part of her daughter experiencing Sea Organization, she decided she needed to move quickly, hence blindsiding Tom with the divorce.

Obviously, all of these rumors are extremely shady and unverified, but if there is a grain of truth to them, it would seem to explain why things went south now and why the hammer dropped as quickly as it did. Even with the divorce coming, it’s entirely possible Tom will win at least partial custody and be allowed to send his daughter to Sea Organization, but we won’t now whether that will happen for months until the divorce proceedings begin to play out. We’ll keep you updated.

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