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Katt Williams, no stranger to outlandish behavior, is at the center of another scandal after he allegedly pulled out a gun in the middle of The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, California. Police later raided the scene with almost a dozen officers, but he was long gone by the time they arrived.

Details are still extremely fuzzy on what exactly happened, but according to TMZ, there was an incident between Katt Williams and someone in the audience. The comedian wasn’t even on stage at the time, but the random dude allegedly took a few shots at him about his height and his race. So, the celebrity allegedly pulled out a gun and issued some threats. Of course, all hell broke loose. Cops were called, and they descended on the scene with weapons drown. They arrived a little too late, and at this point, it’s unclear whether they went looking for Williams at his house.

A few years ago, Katt Williams unleashed an almost unprecedented run of weirdness. He allegedly got in a high speed chase on a 3-wheeled motorcycle. He allegedly pimp slapped a Target employee, threw a cigarette at a woman and tried to buy a ferry from the government because he didn’t feel like staying in a hotel. It was a pretty crazy run, but I’m not sure any of those incidents topped this gun fiasco.

Katt Williams is a great comedian with a unique perspective on the world. Comedy is a better place when he’s working and working regularly. Hopefully, this dangerous situation was just a blip in the radar and not a sign that he’s about to start leading police on high speed 3-wheel motorcycle chases again. Events like that might be fun to read about, but it would be a shame to see him spend time in jail rather than on stage making audiences laugh.