Keith Richards Has A Blunt Opinion About Metallica, Black Sabbath And Modern Music Fans

Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards isn’t exactly known for holding back when it comes to his opinions. Recently in an interview about the guitarist’s new solo work, the icon decided to also take the time to comment about the a few other genres of music and the fans that support them. And well, modern music, and even a few bands before it, aren’t exactly exceeding his standards.

When it comes to heavy metal in particular, specifically iconic bands such as Metallica and Black Sabbath, Richards really doesn’t get all the hype. In speaking with NY Daily News, Richards basically confirmed the claim that rock and roll is dead, and for him, it’s been dead for a while. The Rolling Stone’s guitarist specifically called out two of the biggest heavy metal bands of all time, stating:

Millions are in love with Metallica and Black Sabbath. I just thought they were great jokes.

Richards, who is releasing his first solo album in 23 years, has been on a promotional tour for the record, and in his truest fashion, has not held back any of his opinions whatsoever. Just last month, Richards dissed The Beatles to Esquire. And anyone who is dissing The Beatles, well, it’s safe to say they aren’t looking to make new friends.

But as harsh as Richards was in calling Metallica and Black Sabbath jokes, Richards wasn’t so friendly to the modern rockers either. He called the current state of rock music, a “dull thud” claiming that syncopation is beyond most bands. And while Richards seems to confirm that the good ol' days of rock are done, his opinions on the genre don’t even come close to what he thinks about hip-hop.

One of the biggest pioneers in music has no time for rap. In the interview, Richards straight laughed it off with its ‘so many words, so little said’. But it wasn’t even the music itself that got the biggest dismissal, it’s the fans that listen to it that get an even worse opinion from the guitarist. He said:

What rap did that was impressive was to show there are so many tone-deaf people out there. All they need is a drum beat and somebody yelling over it and they’re happy. There’s an enormous market for people who can’t tell one note from another.

Richards has never been worried about pleasing the industry or making friends. And frankly, the man never really needed to. He expresses his opinions about music, and fairly loudly at that, but it’s not as if the 71-year-old isn’t still making his own. His new solo album coming out September 18 is entitled “Crosseyed Heart”, and we’ll just have to see whether it reaches this musical standard that Richards speaks of. He may not care about pissing people off, but if his new work isn't up to his own par, can we take it seriously?