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Kelly Osbourne Is Engaged To Matthew Mosshart

After a former engagement fell through and holiday engagement claims turned out to be false, Fashion Police co-host Kelly Osbourne is finally set to tie the knot. The 28-year-old has been dating a chef named Matthew Mosshart for the past two years, and he recently proposed on the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

The couple confirmed the news on Monday to Hello! Magazine, also discussing the state of their romance and the loveliness of his proposal. According to Mosshart, Osbourne was just thrilled when he proposed while they were vacationing in the Caribbean.

"We were on a balcony that overlooks the ocean. It was just beautiful. She said yes! And then she smiled for the rest of the night!"

Mosshart went out of his way to make the details of the proposal perfect, from the gorgeous location to the actually engagement band. Osbourne told the outlet the two actually modeled the engagement ring after an earring her famous father, Ozzy Osbourne used to wear.

"I designed it to look like an earring that my father wore. I used to hold my finger up to his ear when I was little and say: 'I want a ring like that'. Now I have one!"

There’s no word yet on exactly when the young couple will head down the aisle, but the couple have been pretty serious about one another for nearly the entire time the two have been dating, and planning a wedding just seems like the next step for the couple. The couple's story is pretty cute; Mosshart and Osbourne actually began dating in 2011, after meeting one another at the wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince. The two hit it off and later Mosshart even moved across the country to be with the woman he loved. Osbourne still seems grateful for the move.

"Matthew made the biggest sacrifice anyone's ever made for me, to move away from everything that he knew to be with me in LA. Long-distance relationships often don't work out. We'd dated for a year and knew we wanted to be together. Matthew has broken down every one of my walls. There's nothing I wouldn't do in front of him."

Sure, it sounds a little 5-Year Engagement, but hopefully everything will work out for Osbourne and Mosshart and the two will tie the knot sooner rather than later. This is actually the second engagement for Osbourne. The young woman was actually set to tie the knot all the way back in 2008 to her then-fiancé Luke Worrell. That engagement eventually fell through, paving the way for this romance to happen.

Since her initially engagement fell through, Osbourne has been beat to the alter by her brother, Jack, who also tied the knot fairly recently, marrying Lisa Stelly last fall.

Jessica Rawden
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