LeAnn Rimes has been taking a break from her life with new hubby Eddie Cibrian to spend some time on the road supporting her new album Lady & Gentleman. Tonight, the “How Do I Live” singer had a performance scheduled in Springfield, Ohio at Clark State’s Performing Arts Center’s Kuss Auditorium. Unfortunately, the concert did not go as well as expected.

Shortly after 8 p.m. ET, when the spectacle was about to begin, an emcee hopped onstage and informed fans Rimes was “gravely” ill and had been taken to the hospital. Sounds like a bummer of a night for fans, but audience members were asked to keep their ticket stubs, so hopefully the missed performance will be remedied.

While currently there is no news on if Rimes did wind up at the hospital or what treatment she may have received, the event is not a total surprise. Earlier tonight, the singer took to Twitter to express feeling unwell and nervous about the evening.
“Slightly terrified to walk on stage tonight. The flu & performing DO NOT mix well.”

Here’s to hoping tonight’s occurrence was more of a case of not feeling up to performing than anything serious. Either way, Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to Rhimes and her family as she deals with her any troubling illness.