Sometimes there’s no better stress reliever than having some good old fashioned fun. Over the past few months, country star LeAnn Rimes has been in and out of treatment for anxiety issues and in and out of lawyers’ offices for an ongoing lawsuit she’s battling against a mother and daughter she repeatedly went at it with on Twitter. On Thursday, none of that mattered, however, as the star took her family to the premiere of Batman Live and beamed like she’d just won an Academy Award.

According to US Magazine, Rimes, her husband Eddie Cibrian and her stepsons Mason, 9, and Jake, 5, all drew fake moustaches on their fingers and posed for the cameras with big smiles. It would be tempting to say the singer did it for the children, but she was so excited about Batman prior to the event, it’s a strong possibility it was her idea. Take a look at the cute photo she tweeted before they left…

It’s nice to see LeAnn genuinely smile. She’s had a rough go of it for years since she and Cibrian famously left their spouses for each other. Regardless of how one feels about that homewrecking, it shouldn’t sentence them to unhappiness forever. Plus, it’s in the children’s best interests that everyone has a great time and gets along whenever possible.

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