The full story behind LeAnn Rimes’ decision to seek treatment for anxiety and stress management has emerged, and it involves an out of control Twitter war with two of the singer’s harshest critics. Apparently, Kimberly and Lexi Smiley have been on a mission to smear Rimes since she homewrecked Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville’s marriage. After months of getting bombarded with hateful comments, Rimes decided to call the two women up to ask for a truce.

Unfortunately, the conversation was allegedly recorded by the two women, edited and posted all over the Internet. More fighting followed until finally Rimes had enough. According to TMZ, she decided to get treatment in order to learn how to better cope with negativity in the future and simultaneously instructed her lawyers to file a lawsuit against the Smiley’s.

The paperwork was filed today and will apparently be accompanied by a police investigation. Taping someone without their consent in California is a crime; so, if the women made a recording, they will be punished in some capacity. Whether they’ll also be charged for making untrue statements about the starlet on the Internet is unclear.

Sometimes the best way to deal with critics is to completely ignore them. Everyone who works in the public eye hears vicious comments at least periodically, but if there’s no response, it’s unlikely the hateful campaign will continue.

Pop Blend wishes LeAnn nothing but the best as she receives treatment.

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