Liam Gallagher is most famous for his music, but the prolific singer and songwriter is also known for volatile relationships and quick and often selfish decision-making. Most recently, allegations arose on Thursday that Gallagher had a torrid affair with a journalist named Liza Ghorbani, resulting in a love child seven months ago. Now the New York-based journalist is taking Gallagher to the cleaners in order to gain support for the child, a little girl.

Without context, it’s hard to imagine how Gallagher and Ghorbani even met. Ghorbani’s specialization in the world of journalism is actually interviewing famous people across platforms that include acting, music, and fashion. Three years ago, she wrote a piece for the New York Times about the rocker a short time after his band, Oasis, imploded. Allegedly what followed was a torrid and lengthy love affair that resulted in the birth of a baby girl. According to reports over at the New York Post, the relationship continued until three months after the birth of the child, when Liza reportedly told the rock star she had plans to take him to court to prove the paternity of the child.

Now, Ghorbani is reportedly suing the rock star for $3 million dollars in Manhattan Family Court. Sources close to the Post stated that the woman just wants enough money to raise her daughter, and in New York City that can be very expensive. If Gallagher does prove to be the father of Ghorbani’s child, there’s little doubt that the man will pay child support for the baby, since he has done what’s fair for his other children in the past.

The whole affair story doesn’t seem particularly far-fetched (unlike the recent Michael Jordan paternity allegation, which had a few problems). This wouldn’t be the first time the rock star engaged in an extramarital affair. Gallagher’s daughter, Molly, was conceived during an affair the 40-year-old engaged in way back in the nineties. News later emerged that the man pays £2,000 to give the little girl a good life, although he is not involved as a parent, which is good news on the monetary end for Ghorbani if her claims hold true. Additionally, the man pays child support for his son, Lennon, from his first marriage to Patsy Kensit. Gallagher also has a son named Gene with his current wife, Nicole Appleton. The man is no stranger to the courtroom, having even sued his estranged brother for slander before. He sounds like a real charmer.

Honestly, if the story about the love affair and the child’s paternity is true, Ghorbani’s baby is a prime example of why it is so important to be careful in the bedroom and really put some deep thought into the person one decides to procreate with. No doubt Ghorbani has been and will continue to be great at raising her daughter without the help of dad, but 100 times out of a 100, I would rather have a father figure for my kid than a paycheck. Even if it means giving up my child’s opportunity to have devilish and handsome rock star looks.
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