Tanning Mom may have been banned from damn near every bed in Jersey, but at least her crime wasn’t skipping out on her bill. That’s the charge being leveled against Lindsay Lohan by a Las Vegas tanning salon that says she hasn’t paid any of the forty thousand dollar judgment a court imposed on her for years of tanning on credit.

According to TMZ, the Mean Girls actress used Tanning Vegas for a period of three years starting in 2007. When she never settled up her account, the salon took the case to court, and a Nevada judge ordered the 40K be paid to settle up. Nine months later, that still hasn’t happened; so, the business is reportedly attempting to move its case to California. If successful, a judge could potentially just take some of the actress’ belongings or garnish her wages until the payment is delivered in full.

Lohan has been making attempts over the last few months to rehabilitate her image. She’s landed a role playing Elizabeth Taylor. She appeared on Saturday Night Live, and she completed her court-mandated community service without issue. Now it’s time for her to settle up with all her outstanding accounts, if in fact, she does owe this money. No one likes a free rider, especially when that rider has made millions of dollars.

We’ll keep you updated if this matter winds up going to court again or if Lohan simply gets out her checkbook and makes it go away.

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