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More than half a century ago, as a small child, YouTube user DylanNut69’s uncle swallowed a nail. For some reason, the less-than-edible substance greatly lowered his voice, and now, his family is convinced he has the world’s deepest voice. Almost three years ago at a family reunion, they decided to record the old guy singing a Louis Armstrong song.

Within the last few weeks, people have finally discovered the awesomeness of the footage, and it has suddenly started racing around the Internet at a crazy pace. You can take a look for yourself below…

How the hell this guy didn’t become a voice actor is beyond me. He would have made the scariest villain in a children’s cartoon ever, or at worst, a hilarious and zany sidekick.

Regardless, it’s nice to see this old guy embraces how deep his voice is and doesn’t have a problem with it. Sometimes when people have such comically defined personality quirks or features, they grow very self-conscious about them, but clearly, this dude isn’t bothered in the slightest.

Here’s to hoping he never spits that nail back up and suddenly transformers into a normal-sounding human being.