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Lost Indian Boy Finds Family 25 Years Later With Google Maps

Twenty-five-years ago, a sweet little Indian boy named Saroo Munshi Khan got on a train and fell asleep. When he woke up the next morning, he was completely lost without any idea how to get home. Since India didn’t have a ton of documentation on the country’s poor at the time and the kid had no idea what town he lived in, the decision was made to adopt him out to a nice Australian family.

Growing up, Khan embraced his new life and made the most of it, but he kept a map of India on his wall as a way to remember his past. Recently, he was playing around with Google Maps when he realized he could build a radius around Calcutta and search train stations to try and see if any of them looked familiar. After some time, one of them did. So, he flew to India, headed for that very same train station and used his memory to return to his house. Miraculously, his mother still lived there, and they recognized each other immediately.

Thanks to the resources his new life has afforded him, he was able to make his family a whole lot more comfortable, and when Google got wind of his story, obviously, the company decided to put together a promo video. Fortunately for all involved, it’s very tastefully done, and in just a few days, it has already amassed more than one hundred thousand views.

Given all the wacky things cats do, how obsessed people are with children and how many women get naked on film, heartwarming people stories definitely aren’t the first genre of video people think of on the Internet, but luckily, YouTube is still full of them. So, if you ever feel down and want to remember how fundamentally good the world is, consider heading in that direction.

Here’s a great example

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