Nature can be a beast, and apparently, so can beavers. The nocturnal, semi-aquatic rodents sure can be adorable when they want to be, but don't mistake cuteness for weakness. A Belarusian man appears to have made that mistake and it cost him his life. He was attacked and killed by a beaver while on a fishing trip at Lake Shestakov, when he stopped to try to photograph the animal. The fact that this story made national (and international) news enforces the idea that this probably doesn't happen all that often, but it does happen.

Washington Times says the man was with two friends when they spotted the beaver on the side of the road. The man wanted to take a picture of it, but when it got closer, it pounced and bit him in the thigh, severing a major artery - possibly the femoral, but the site doesn't specify. Apparently, the man bled to death from his injury before they could get him proper medical attention. It's a tragic and truly unfortunate story, and also a harsh lesson to learn about getting close to wild animals - no matter the size - and putting them on the defensive.

The Times goes on to recount a number of other somewhat recent reports of beaver attacks, including a woman who was attacked by a rabid beaver just last fall. And Youtube actually has a number of related videos, including this one below, which shows a beaver in the woods, minding his own business when he finally has enough of being watched and charges at the cameraman before returning to his business.

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