Man Submits His Letter Of Resignation On A Cake

cake resignation

There's nothing quite as sweet as submitting a resignation letter because you're leaving to pursue your dream job. And yet, somehow Chris Holmes managed to find something just a little bit sweeter. The British baking enthusiast submitted the above resignation letter - neatly printed atop a cake - as a means of announcing his departure from his job at Stansted Airport and plugging his cake business in the process.

The letter speaks for itself. The 31-year-old new dad has decided to leave his job to pursue his passion as a cake maker and business owner, telling his employer, "Having recently become a father, I now realize how precious life is and how important it is to spend my time doing something that makes me, and other people, happy." He did just that in this tasty looking letter, which has made the news and in the process, and has likely made countless people smile.

The Guardian says Holmes, who lives in Sawston, Cambridgeshire, has been working on his baking business, Mr. Cake, in his spare time for two or three years. The resignation cake, in case you're curious, is a spiced carrot cake with pecans and sultanas and coconut. Holmes presented it to the duty manager working the immigration desks at Stansted Airport, which was his place of employment.

The manager and his colleagues "were surprised and amazed", Holmes says. "But they took it very well. It was a huge cake. Ten by 12 inches, with about 18 eggs in it." He made it in two parts, splicing them together with orange icing. "The people who tasted it say it was very nice," said Toby Allanson, a spokesman for Border Force.

Anyone who has ever submitted their own letter of resignation when it came time to pursue what they believed to be their true calling - or anyone who has ever daydreamed about the day they do that - can likely appreciate Holmes' rather creative way of giving his notice. Whether he liked his old job or merely tolerated it, he found a sweet and creative way to say farewell, and the fact that he dropped his website at the bottom shows he's got a bit of business sense too. This added bit of exposure may be just what Mr. Cake needs to get off the ground.

Kelly West
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