Marilyn Manson And Seraphim Ward Are Not Engaged, Have Never Met

Earlier today, it was widely reported Marilyn Manson had gotten engaged to a twenty-seven-year-old occult filmmaker named Seraphim Ward. Various outlets, including this one, sent out their well-wishes to the couple but also scratched their heads given this relationship had never been publicly reported.

Apparently, Marilyn Manson was more confused by the news than anyone else. His representative quickly denied the story to US Weekly, and now Ward has taken to Twitter to try and clarify what the hell happened. Apparently, she’s engaged to Pogo, ie Madonna Wayne Gacy, who was previously the keyboardist for Marilyn Manson. When her rep sent out the engagement announcement, he was apparently vague, and the world completely jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Not surprisingly, everyone involved seems to be spitting mad, though it’s still unclear who exactly is at fault. Regardless, Pop Blend apologizes to its readers for briefly reporting something completely inaccurate. It seemed weird Manson would give someone he’s only known six weeks a family heirloom engagement ring. Now we know that weirdness stemmed from the fact that it never happened.

Regardless, I guess the well-wishes we sent out to Manson and Ward should now transfer over to Ward and Pogo. Congrats?

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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