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Dressed in white with a flower in her hair and a smile on her face, Mary Jo Buttafuoco married her fiancé this week during a ceremony in Las Vegas. The event was a far cry from the media circus her life once devolved into, but something tells me at this point, she’d always choose understated over grandiose.

Two decades ago, Mary Jo’s entire world crumbled when her husband’s seventeen-year-old mistress rung the door bell and shot her in the face. Like a champion, she survived the callous attack, but she was forced to undergo numerous surgeries. Her attacker, Amy Fisher, was eventually thrown in jail for seven years, and her husband Joey was convicted of statutory rape. Bizarrely, Mary Jo elected to stand by her husband during his trial and for many years afterwards, but the couple eventually divorced in 2003.

That split paved the way for Stu Tendler to walk into her life, and by all accounts, he’s been a positive presence. According to Radar Online, he’s a print store manager and like Mary Jo, lives in Las Vegas. There’s no word yet on how the nuptials might change the couple’s lives, but Pop Blend wishes them nothing but the best as they move forward. Mary Jo never asked to be shot in the face, and she never asked for the eyes of the world to be on her. Those things happened without her consent, but in this new relationship, she will hopefully be able to finally find quiet happiness.

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