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Meet Tim Harris, A Restaurant Owner With Down Syndrome

When Tim Harris was fourteen years old, he told his parents he wanted to eventually own his own restaurant. At first, his mother and father were pretty concerned by the prospect because of his Down Syndrome, but the more their son grew and the more he showed responsibility, the more they thought the crazy scheme could eventually work.

Years later, Tim is now the owner of Tim’s Place, a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and hugs. AOL was able to catch up with that proud owner recently, and you can take a look at the touching footage below…

Sometimes all people need is an opportunity to prove how capable they can be. Tim wakes up every morning, he works hard and he gives everything he can to the restaurant and the customers. That’s all anyone can ask for, and in Tim’s case, it’s nice to know that’s been enough. Hopefully, his restaurant will continue to flourish, and as his mother said, hopefully it will prove to others that those with Down Syndrome are capable of thriving in work environments with a little more pace.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to Tim. Here’s to hoping he achives the rest of his dreams too.

Mack Rawden

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