Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Past Drug Use In New Book

Melissa Joan Hart was known in the nineties for such family friendly programs as Clarissa Explains it All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. However, during her heyday, Hart got into a variety of drugs, and she’s about to discuss her wild partying stories in her new book Melissa Explains it All.

For the last several years, Hart has acted in the popular ABC Family series, Melissa & Joey, which follows her family friendly adventures as a politician and as an aunt who is taking care of her niece and nephew. Prior to this gig, Hart says there was a time period where she was experimenting with all sorts of drugs, including pot, but also ecstasy, mushrooms, and even mescaline. She recently divulged to Life & Style that at one point she took ecstasy at the Playboy mansion. This was way back in 1999 when the actress was in pretty high demand, and she later in the day had to go to a Maxim shoot while still high. That story seems a little wild, but it wasn’t her first rodeo with the drug. She recalls it was the third or fourth time she’d tried ecstasy.


Most people have some wild stories from their youth, if not drug related, than other usual young adult nonsense. Hart had the added pressure of being famous during her formative years, and she’s lucky she stopped her drug use before it became a permanent fixture in her life, a la Lindsay Lohan. Eventually, she stopped her wild partying ways (which allegedly included makeout sessions with Jerry O’Connell and Nick Carter) because she didn’t like the way drugs made her feel.

“I was kind of running with a bad crowd. I just didn’t enjoy taking drugs. I don’t like the loss of control.”

She may have tried a lot of drugs, but she did draw the line with some of the harder stuff, telling Life & Style that once turned down the former infamous party girl Paris Hilton when she offered Hart cocaine (Hilton’s representatives deny this claim). While she did engage in some risky behaviors in her youth, it seems as if she did make decisions that kept her away from actual addiction to the substances. Once she realized drugs were not from her, she totally moved on with her life, which is more than a lot of drug users can say. As the subtitle for her book shows, she may have dabbled a bit in partying, but she’s mostly lived a pretty normal life.

Jessica Rawden
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