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Meryl Streep may have given a selfish but funny acceptance speech when she won her latest Oscar for Best Actress on Sunday night, but just because she was tickled pink about winning yet another award, it does not mean she lacks a big heart. The following morning, Streep gave an award to a struggling school in Rhode Island and college prep program Upward Bound in the name of longtime friend and fellow Best Actress nominee, Viola Davis.

A charter school in Central Falls, Rhode Island, the town Davis herself grew up in has been struggling to stay open for a while. The school, known as the Segue Institute for Learning, has had trouble raising the money to buy the building housing the school, which was put up for sale due to financial difficulties in the city. Now in a buy or shut down market, the money from Streep will get the ball rolling on a project that is expected to cost the school $1.2 million dollars.

The money for the Segue Institute for Learning came from Streep’s charity, the Silver Mountain Foundation for the arts. According to Reuters, the charity dropped a $10,000 check off at the school Monday, leaving director Angelo Garcia in a state of excitement.
“We've just been screaming from the rooftops."

The Upward Bound program in Rhode Island also received a second $10,000 dollar check, the largest check written for the organization in its history. There is still a long way for Central Falls, Rhode Island to go, but with Davis and Streep as spokespersons and partial benefactors, things are certainly looking up.

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