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Reservoir Dogs actor Michael Madsen is blaming faulty equipment for his recent arrest. He was pulled over yesterday on the Pacific Coast Highway after someone called the police to report his Pontiac GTO with red flames was unsafely swerving through traffic. Officers allegedly suspected the celeb may have been drinking; so, they administered a field sobriety test. Madsen claims he “did not fail”, but those on the scene thought otherwise, as did a breathalyzer test. The fifty-four-year-old blew an astronomical .20, two and a half times the legal limit.

The crazy number led to Madsen being arrested and charged with suspicion of driving under the influence, but if you take it from his attorney, the big misunderstanding will be cleared up shortly. Lawyer Perry Wander told TMZ his client is convinced there was a serious flaw with the breathalyzer test. That could be, but unfortunately, given Madsen’s long history of rehab stints, it’s unlikely many fans will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Following yesterday’s arrest, Madsen complained of health problems and was taken to a local hospital. He was reportedly released earlier today and is recovering from whatever ailment he was dealing with. As for Madsen’s GTO, it was towed from the spot where he was pulled over and assumedly, is resting comfortably in an impound lot somewhere.

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