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Mindy McCready Dead At 37 After Reportedly Shooting Herself And Her Dog

Barely a month after her boyfriend David Wilson died of an alleged suicide, Mindy McCready has joined him in the afterlife. The body of the troubled country singer was found inside her home in Heber Springs, Arkansas by emergency personnel who responded to reports of multiple gunshots. The specifics of exactly what happened are still a bit unclear, but the working theory is that the depressed mother of two shot the family dog and then herself.

The last few weeks of McCready’s life were particularly difficult. Following Wilson’s death, rumors swirled that she may have played a role. Answering those questions and dealing with her partner’s passing reportedly sent her into a tailspin in which she stopped taking care of her kids. Members of her family alerted authorities, she was forcefully committed for a mental health evaluation, and her father came in to stay with her once she was allowed to switch to an outpatient rehab.

According to E! Online, McCready’s father left her home this morning because she convinced him her spirits had improved. Unfortunately, not long after he left, neighbors heard the gunshots and the police descended upon the residence.

Over the past few years, McCready’s life fell into a state of tabloid headlines, brushes with the law and dramatic scandals. Before that, however, she was, by all accounts, a lovely and caring woman with a beautiful voice who loved those around her.

She was only thirty-seven, and she will be missed. Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to her children, Zander and Zayne, and everyone else who was touched by her life.

Mack Rawden

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