Movie Trailer Voice Prank Surprises Drive-Thru Customers

What if the voice coming from the drive-thru speaker spoke to you like you were in a movie trailer? That's one of the video pranks Break did as part of their "Prank it FWD" event, and in the process, they've contributed one more funny drive-thru prank video to the internet. Customers drive up, and were treated to an enthusiastic voice that makes taking a drive-thru order sound like an intense movie plot.

"When a single burger just wasn't enough, he ordered a double cheeseburger with bacon," he says to one guy. "Eating Like A Real Man, starring the guy with no sleeves."

That guy seemed really amused by that. And speaking of amused, as mentioned, Youtube channel Break did the above prank as part of a series of positive pranks for unsuspecting strangers. As the description for the above video notes, views for these Prank It Fwd videos translate to money they're donating to

If you like seeing good things happen to people, watch the other Break pranks, including this one, which has an actual cop pulling people over and... well, you'll see how this one gets a positive spin...

I like that they told that one woman to use the money to get her brake-light fixed. And that guy admitting to being thrilled that someone would give him props for driving a Hybrid is really funny.

Both of the above videos have surpassed 500k views, but it's this last one that's really gone viral, closing in on 5 million views since going live on Monday. It shows a waitress receiving a life-changing tip...

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