The guys from Mumford & Sons might be known for their easygoing mass appeal, but they were apparently anything but affable or endearing during a strip club run-in earlier this week. The band members were in Atlanta to perform a concert at Centennial Olympic Park. By all accounts, that gig went pretty smoothly; so, they decided to hit up the Clermont Lounge to celebrate with some boobs and karaoke. Unfortunately, it all quickly went downhill.

According to TMZ, group member Ben Lovett headed on stage to sing a song when the other dudes busted out their camera phones to record the big moment. As anyone who has ever been to a strip club before knows, that’s a huge no-no. The women might be okay with letting you look in the moment, but lap dances are meant to be experienced once and replayed in memories, not recorded for posterity. Officials reportedly told the guys to put their phones away, but when they refused, the DJ turned off the song and then all hell broke loose. There was shouting, mass confusion and eventually, the guys were reportedly booted from the club entirely.

To be perfectly honest, I have no problem with celebrities getting random perks. Because of how much attention they draw, it’s just better to have stars cut in line and sit in VIP sections, but there’s a difference between indulging in the little perks and behaving like jackasses who don’t need to follow the basic rules. Everyone who has ever been to a strip club learns not to use their phones. It’s just a common courtesy to all involved. Consequently, if they couldn’t follow that rule, the club had every right to kick their folk music playing asses out.

None of the guys involved have commented publically about what happened. Considering the brouhaha went down at a strip club and reportedly involved them behaving like jackasses, it is highly unlikely they will, but if for some reason they throw a curveball and give the world the full story, we’ll be sure and bring it to you.

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