While many people think of the 2012 Mayan doomsday prophecy in terms of bad joke fodder, many other people do take the various theories related to a potential doomsday to heart. NASA has encountered e-mails and letters relating to the prophecy recently and know how worried certain members of the populations can get. To help those who may be having health or mental struggles stemming from thoughts of the world ending on December 21, NASA is here to help.

The government-funded group already keeps up an FAQ page, explaining how tales of the world ending on the 21st are fantasy. The various theories for the world ending are explained and debunked, and plenty of random questions are answered. If that wasn't enough of a marketing push, Space.com is reporting that on Wednesday morning, NASA put on an hour-long Hangout on Google+ to discuss various science-based topics, including the possibility of the doomsday prophecy panning out.

Among the suggested theories for the Earth’s downfall are stories of planetary alignments that rip apart our world, Revolution types of blackouts, massive solar storms, potential meteor impacts, and polar shifts. According to panel astronomer Andrew Fraknoi, if people are going to worry about anything, they should worry about long-term damage humans are incurring on the Earth and to its atmosphere. So, anyone who is really worried about the likelihood of human survival in the face of the end of the Mayan calendar should make sure they are recycling and conserving natural resources, and quite worrying so much about the possibility of a meteor attack.

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