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Ann Curry is a talented woman. Today Show producers might not have had her back when it came time to shuffle the line-up, but the fifty-five-year-old has long proven she’s capable of covering tough stories. In theory, she should be a huge asset for NBC News as a National and International Correspondent, but given how poorly things ended, it’s unclear how much the network will actually choose to use her.

Curry will reportedly be given a seven-member team to travel around the world and cover stories she’s interested in, but there’s a big difference between broadcasting the occasional puff piece and sending her to wherever the real news is happening. Rumor has it the suits may be a bit concerned about whether her presence will merely remind viewers she was once fired from Today Show.

During the fourth hour of Curry’s now former show, co-stars Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb called her “courageous”, “dedicated” and “fearless”. She is all those qualities, but unfortunately for her, she may also be treated as a liability. She reportedly tried to get released from her contract in order to pursue other opportunities in other places, but the financials weren’t ever worked out to either side’s satisfaction. As a result, she’ll bide her time at the network and likely leave when the contract is up.

The only thing really in question is how often we’ll see Curry until that happens. What do you think? Will NBC actually use her? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Do You Think NBC Will Use Her In Any Meaningful Way?

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