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Lions defensive ace Ndamukong Suh hasn’t exactly been generating mounds of positive publicity over the past few years, but thanks to his split second decision-making, he’s being heralded as a savior. The football star has spent the past month participating in a celebrity diving reality show called Splash. Last week, his fellow competitor Louie Anderson passed out in the pool from exhaustion, and Suh jumped in and carried him to safety.

According to TMZ, Anderson had been practicing various dives all morning when he suddenly got extremely tired. He tried to pull himself out of the pool by way of the ladder several times, but his arms were shot and he fell back in. Suh noticed the problem and dove in, pushing Anderson back to the surface with his gigantic biceps and out of the pool with a small assist from legend Greg Louganis. The injured comedian coughed up pool water for a spell, but not long after, he was back to normal.

Anderson has already announced he’ll continue with the show. With any luck, a few more weeks of the constant exercise will help him shed a few more pounds and line his wallet at the same time.

By all accounts, Suh has many positive qualities. Hopefully, this quick-thinking will be just the first of many examples in which he shows football fans of the nice and generous person he can be. Either that, or it will serve as positive momentum toward another season of on-field dominance.