There’s a fine line between trying to brainwash your children and passing on the things you value. Luckily, sports fandom is typically on the good side of that line. Young boys rarely end up resenting their fathers because they pushed the Chicago Bears on them, and even though the Cincinnati Bengals are a first class ticket to depression, Camden Lachey will probably forgive his daddy Nick for opening up that combination awesome and miserable door.

As part of Tide’s “Show Us Your Colors” campaign, the 98 Degrees singer tweeted out a photograph of himself and Camden decked out in Bengals attire earlier this week. Not surprisingly, it’s as adorable as you’d expect. Check out the snapshot below…

The great thing about watching and playing sports at a young age is that it teaches a child to learn how to both win and lose. As a Bengals fan, poor Camden will probably do more of the latter, but that’ll just make the good seasons even more exciting. Or at least that’s what, as a Cubs fan, I would like to believe.

Here’s to hoping their fellow Bengals fans see Nick and Camden on the jumbotron during games for years to come.

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