Actor Nick Stahl vanished more than a week ago. His estranged wife filed a missing person’s report, and the Los Angeles Police Department has been running down leads ever since. No concrete evidence ever materialized, but it now seems like the media blitz might have actually paid off in the form of an email. Not wanting those closest to him to worry anymore, Stahl reportedly sent friends an email saying he was alive and checking into treatment for thirty days.

According to TMZ, the Terminator 3 star said he was sorry for the emotional toll he’s caused and told those closest in copy that he’d be unreachable for the next month. That last part has reportedly gotten his friends and family a bit worried, but it still seems like there’s reason for optimism.

Several people reportedly received the same email, but supposedly, Stahl’s wife Rose was not one of them. The two have been living at separate residences for some time, and she demanded he pass a drug test prior to each visit with their daughter.

Because the contact was an email rather than a more direct communication, the correspondence has already given rise to some conspiracy theories about someone hacking the account, but there’s really no evidence of any shady business at this juncture. Hopefully, it really was Stahl, and he really is checking into treatment.

Stahl’s family can breathe a little easier today, but I’m sure they won’t completely calm down until he appears in the flesh healthy and totally sober.

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