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Didn't find last night's Presidential Debate especially entertaining? Well maybe this remix of some of President Obama and Mitt Romney's comments will spark your interest. Just when we got the Five Guys "Oh My Dayum" remix out of our heads, YouTuber Schmoyoho gives us "The Debate Highlights Songified."

Once again, the Youtube Channel that brought us Charlie Sheen's "Winning" song and the Double Rainbow song, Schmoyoho, has set something else to song for our entertainment! This video made its way online earlier today and features snippets from last night's Obama/Romney debate edited music. If you didn't think Romney or Obama's comments about banks, taxes or Big Bird were all that exciting, maybe you'll be singing a different tune after you watch this video.

"Bring down rates. Broaden the base. Simplify the code. Extend us for growth. Are we going to double-down on the top-down?"

I'm not sure this one has the pop-quality hit of the excellent Five Guys review remix "Oh My Dayum," but it certainly does boost the energy level of the debate a bit from the original.

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