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Unfortunately for Octomom Nadya Suleman, it seems disrobing wasn’t enough to get her back in the black. The mother of fourteen has reportedly signed up for government assistance just a few years after she publicly vowed to not live off any handouts. In a related cost-cutting move, she’s also taken all but one of her children out of private school and sent them to receive public educations.

According to TMZ, the public assistance will now entitle her to a two thousand dollar a month card that can only be spent on food to feed the family. That might sound like a whole lot of money, but a few grand to feed fifteen people for an entire month definitely isn’t crazy. That works out to a little more than four dollars a day per member.

Like everyone, I’d rather see families be able to provide for themselves without using taxpayer dollars, but her children do deserve to be cared for and have enough to eat. Hopefully, with some altered lifestyle choices and perhaps a few more gigs capitalizing on her celebrity, Suleman can eventually get to the point of doing that on her own. Until then though, she’ll likely continue to receive government funding.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out not to Octomom’s pride but instead to her children who will now be going to a new school. Here’s to hoping they grow up untainted by the circus that has surrounded their lives.

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