Back in April, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman asked for governmental assistant to help support her numerous children. Based on the size of her family, she was given five thousand dollars a month. The move didn’t sit well with many hardworking citizens, and apparently, it didn’t sit well with the mother to many either. She told anyone who would listen welfare was merely a temporary measure until she could figure out a way to pay the bills. Turns out she was telling the truth.

After taking a job stripping and another shooting a porno, the thirty-seven-year-old has reportedly taken herself out of the government assistance program. According to TMZ, she’s made more than one hundred thousand dollars over the past few months, which should get her back on track and living without the help of our tax dollars.

It’s unclear whether Suleman will continue with her XXX ways, but given how lucrative shedding her clothing has been, I’d be surprised if she didn’t continue down that route, at least until she’s financially secure for a few years. A hundred grand might support most of us for a hot minute, but it doesn’t go quite as far when one has fourteen mouths to feed.

Judge Octomom for being a mother and getting into porn if you’d like, but from my perspective, I couldn’t be more pleased she took the initiative to pay for the situation she created.

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