Olympic Gymnast Shannon Miller Is Pregnant With Second Child

Shannon Miller is expecting her second child, though nothing about this pregnancy came easily. Back in 2011, the Olympic gold medalist was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. She and her executive husband John Falconetti elected to have the malignant tumor and one of her ovaries removed, and they followed the surgery up with an aggressive round of chemo. More than a year later, she’s cancer free and now, ready to grow her family by one.

Miller made the happy announcement this week on her personal website, referring to the baby as a “miracle”. Over the past half decade, she’s enthusiastically embraced motherhood, starting a company called Shannon Miller Lifestyle and blogging to connect with other mothers. No doubt this impending little boy or girl will bring her more joy in that pursuit and plenty more to talk about.

Details as far as due date, sex of the baby and potential name choices have not been made public by Miller or her husband. Considering how open she is about her life and the way she mothers, we can be confident we will get those details in the near future as soon as she feels it’s appropriate to open up. Until then, Pop Blend sends out its sincerest congratulations to the entire Falconetti family. Shannon made all of us proud with her incredible performances at the 1992 and 1996 Olympics. Here’s to hoping she sticks this next landing too.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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