One Dallas Cowboy is dead and another is in jail facing felony charges after a fatal car accident early this morning. Specific details are still a little bit fuzzy, but police say nose tackle Josh Brent and practice squad member Jerry Brown were driving at a high rate of speed on a service road for State Highway 114 when the vehicle ran into a curb and flipped over. Authorities rushed to the scene almost immediately, but by the time they arrived, Brown was in very bad shape. He was taken to the hospital, but upon arrival, he was pronounced dead.

According to ESPN, Brent was able to tell officers exactly what happened when they arrived at the scene. After emergency responders concluded he was okay, he was taken to the Irving City Jail and booked for intoxication manslaughter. Back in 2009, Brent was arrested for drunken driving. That prior history is widely expected to be used against him by prosecutors as the case moves forward.

Regardless of what happens to Brent, whose career could well be over, Pop Blend’s deepest sympathizes go out to all those who knew and loved Brown. By all accounts, he was a generous, hardworking guy doing his best to make it in the National Football League. His absence will be felt by both the Cowboys organization and the city of Champagne, Illinois where he was a collegiate standout.

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