Australian musician Brett Every’s music is highlighted by the artist's rich and lovely voice. To supplement the man’s poignant and beautiful--but relatively simple--music, the artist totally enlisted the help of animator Jo Knox to tell the story of his newest single, “What a Beautiful Day.” Not only is the song a nice little tune—it’s also a political one, speaking to the very heart of Every’s views on music.

“What A Beautiful Day” is a video that builds scenes from a gay marriage from the feet of one of the grooms on up. Each scene shows a traditional wedding moment, like the toast or the pictures, and each features family members celebrating the union with happiness. It’s such a fine tune speaking to such a joyful occasion that it’s hard to imagine gay marriage is an actual “issue” discussed in certain countries (including ours) likes it’s a big problem affecting the every day citizen’s quality of life. Not to mention the fact that people of the same sex might want to marry is a heated issue that sometimes inspires vehemence and hate.

If you liked what you heard, Every just released an album called Tales of Ten Men, where each of the songs is about a different dude with a different role in the songs (lover, friend, ex). "What A Beautiful Day" is the eleventh track off of the album. You can learn more about Every’s vision at SDGLN. Alternatively, you can nab “What A Beautiful Day” on iTunes.

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