French pop group Phoenix only recently announced a new album is on the way, and to celebrate, they’ve put out a crazy music video for its new single, “Entertainment.” This week’s been a pretty big week for new music videos, including Taylor Swift’s “22,” and New Kids on the Block’s new single. If we are being technical, “Entertainment” was released late last week, but since Phoenix released some album details only recently and there’s a good chance you haven’t seen the video yet, the wacky title deserves a little love.

Directed by Patrick Daughters, the “Entertainment” video follows several themes of love, happiness, and loss set in Korea. The tales involve a children’s choir, a rock star performance, some intricate fight scenes, plenty of shots of landscapes and skylines, and some very bad men who are handy with a knife. Despite all that’s going on your screen, the track also focuses on lead singer Thomas Mars’ vocals and the band’s signature sound.

Phoenix has been grinding it out on the music circuit for over a decade, but it was the band’s 2009 album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix that really put the group on the map. Their new album will be called Bankrupt! and will hit shelves in the U.K. on April 22 with the U.S. release following one day later. Digital Spy is reporting the new album will be 41 minutes long. Additionally, a special edition will be available with several hours of bonus content.

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