One Track Sunday: Sia And David Guetta Bring Out The She Wolf

David Guetta’s club-friendly music isn’t normally my scene. The man is a master of collaborating, however, and his newest music video is lent credence by the Australian emotive singer, Sia. “She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)” is a song about love with dark overtones, and the music video is a strange tale of a wolf running away from some primitive hunters in a northern George R. R. Martin landscape.

“She Wolf” is one of the new collaborations off of Guetta’s newest release, Nothing But The Beat 2.0, which features a re-release of tracks found on Nothing But the Beat, with a few new collaborations sprinkled in. The one with Sia is obviously my favorite, but the re-release as a whole ain’t half bad.

Most of this week’s music was eclipsed by Christina Aguilera’s new music video for “Your Body,” which was so good, we couldn’t wait for Sunday to post. With wolves and the charm of special effects, “She Wolf ” blows Aguilera’s new video out of the water, and besides, Sia makes for a more pleasant vocal performance on a Sunday afternoon.