It’s been awhile since I’ve been so excited about a song from Canadian duo Tegan and Sara. The band put out its seventh album back in January, Heartthrob, which featured the already successful single, “Closer,” a peppy little song that wasn’t particularly up my alley. They’ve certainly turned a new leaf with the sound of the album and the second single, “I Was A Fool” may not be as peppy as “Closer,” but it’s just as commercial.

The video follows Tegan and Sara singing as a girl looks at letters and postcards from a recent ex, hugging them to her chest and looking totally heartbroken and later even crying in bed. The chick in the video is actually Parenthood’s Mae Whitman, who is rocking some gorgeous hair at this juncture. Surviving a break-up is the perfect theme for the “I Was A Fool” video, and it’s really fitting when the heartbroken girl eventually has the courage to burn her old love letters.

This week’s been pretty big for music news, with Beyonce releasing her Mrs. Carter tour trailer and Carly Rae Jepsen announcing a remix with Nicki Minaj. Neither of these things have actually been seen in the States, yet, and it’s nice to have a lovely new video this week to complement the news. You can check out Shane C. Drake’s directorial effort above, or just check out Tegan and Sara’s Heartthrob over at iTunes.

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