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Sometimes music videos are created that simply put together images vaguely related to an awesome piece of music in order to highlight the music itself. For other videos, the experience of putting together a video in a cool location can make the experience of actually watching it even more special. For Yeasayer’s moody new video, “Glass of the Microscope,” the band got into a location that is generally closed to the public to film to their heart’s content.

The video is filled with members of the band taking some scientific work seriously, swabbing patients and check items under the microscope. Additionally, there are some animated dance sequences that bring some serious punch to the trippy track. According to Wired, the band was able to film a bunch of the “Glass of the Microscope” video at the Naturalis tower in Leiden, Holland, a place that is full of natural history objects and seriously not available to the average person. A chunk of the video was also filmed at Leiden University in molecular biologist Hans Tanke’s lab.

Yeasayer’s a pretty cool band, but the beauty in this video comes more from its direction and stylization, which fits the tone of the song perfectly. The video was directed by Ruben van Leer, an artist and filmmaker who worked with his creative partner Jamie Timms on the Yeasayer endeavor. The band isn’t the only group that has filmed in a unique location in recent months. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs recently were able to film a music video on top of the Empire State Building in New York, becoming the first band to do so.

The song is the last track on the band’s latest endeavor, Fragrant World, which was released by the label Secretly Canadian back in August of 2012. The band has already released several singles in support of the album, including “Henrietta,” but Fragrant World is even better if you catch it as a whole. You can order the album over at iTunes. Or, you can also take a look at some of the other One Track Sunday videos, here.