New PSA: If You Cut Class, You May Explode

You think you’re so clever skipping class, don’t you? You think you can just sneak out during your lunch break and pretend that that 6th period calculus test doesn’t even exist, huh? Do you understand the dangers that are out there? Think of the risks involved! You may end up getting caught––or, worse, you could step on a landmine! Why would I think such an outrageous thing like that could happen? I saw it in a commercial, of course.

Produced by the Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia, a non-profit group dedicated to promotion of education, this new anti-school skipping public service announcement is intended to scare the bejesus out of any would-be class cutters looking to go on a little joy ride with friends instead of attending to their studies.

The ad begins innocently enough: a group of students are seen jumping out of windows and hopping into the back of a VW Bus––the preferred method for all delinquents, apparently––then driving out to the beach. They even throw a map out the window to show how carefree and cool they are. Unfortunately, that map might have warned them that the beach they’re heading to is an “Explosive Testing Site” filled with landmines. Therefore, instead of catching a tan, most of the group ends up getting blown to smithereens. Ah, if they just stayed in school this entire situation could have been avoided.

What? This ad’s not ridiculous, you’re ridiculous. Watch the full PSA above. And don’t skip school ever again!