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Homophones might not be the first thing most pranksters think of when devising their schemes, but Roman Atwood isn’t exactly your average prankster. His crew has done everything from fart on people in the hood to surprise homeless people with pizzas. This week, they’re back with some all new mayhem that illustrates the difference between a “bee” and the letter “b”.

Armed with a picture of a capital “B” and some adhesive, the pranksters went around a college campus slapping the photo on people’s backs and telling warning them about it. Not surprisingly, they get some hilariously over the top reactions. One poor girl even took her shirt off. You can check out the hilarity below…

You can tell this prank is the right level of mean-spirited because the reactions of almost all of the victims fall somewhere between bemused and slightly annoyed. Given people’s different sensitivity levels, that’s about what a good-natured humorist should shoot for if he or she isn’t looking to actually cause any waves.

I have no idea what else these guys could do with homophones moving forward, but considering this video has already generated almost four hundred thousand views in just a few days, something tells me they might further explore the idea.