The King of Pop will take on new meaning when Pepsi unveils its newest advertising campaign over the coming months. Yes, Pepsi is going into business with the Michael Jackson estate, and yes, the marketing campaign will be worldwide. We are talking reminders of the deceased moonwalker on all corners of the globe, people.

As weird as that may sound, Michael Jackson is still one of the most iconic and recognizable celebrities on the planet, and since he has had ties with the brand in the past and beyond that, Pepsi’s recent commercial featuring Jackson as well as other retro clips was so memorable, it is no wonder the beverage company would like to capitalize on its recent success. According to The Sun Times, the company is timing the new advertising stint to correspond with the 25th anniversary of Jackson’s Bad.

If you are in favor of seeing the icon’s face rock the airwaves, look for a commercial spot in the coming months that will also feature burgeoning singer Nicki Minaj, as well as Jackson’s face outlined in silver on Pepsi cans and remixes of Jackson’s songs available for download. There’s no word on how much the Jackson estate is raking in for the deal, but I am guessing it is a pretty penny. I’m just hoping that Pepsi has some balls and busts out that hologram technology during all of the upcoming shenanigans.

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