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The whole Deion and Pilar Sanders divorce story is turning into one huge mess. Ever since the former cornerback filed back in December, the couple has been at each others' throats, either slandering one another or making underhanded comments. And Pilar Sanders has had her claws out during those exchanges.

After she complained about Deion going to the press with the initial news of the divorce, a fight began over the couple’s prenuptial agreement. On Wednesday, Pilar filed a motion in the Texas court system, stating her former spouse has stopped giving her handouts. The statement also says that Deion withheld money after Pilar refused to put out for him.

According to Pilar, Deion has only been giving her money in exchange for sex since he filed for divorce. The statement, however, holds about as much weight as when she said she was “confident he will come to his senses and return to his family.” According to TMZ, Deion reportedly offered his wife 10,000 dollars recently, which she promptly rejected. If Pilar's reported behavior is exact, it seems to be a bid for her to receive more support than her prenup intends. If it is less than truthful, this whole ordeal could end very badly.

Either way, it just sucks for everyone involved that an argument begun when Pilar was so upset her husband went to the press without consulting her, has now continued with her going public with her own arguments. Here’s hoping the couple can resolve their issues in a civilized manner in the upcoming months.

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