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The search for Jimmy Hoffa took another strange turn today as authorities drilled through the concrete floor of a shed in the Detroit suburb of Roseville. The property, located about thirty miles west of where the former Teamsters boss went missing in 1975, was once owned by a mob affiliate and gambler. Authorities got a tip someone was buried on the property around the time of Jimmy’s disappearance, but not surprisingly, they weren’t able to verify any of that this morning.

According to Fox News, no visible signs of human remains were found during the dig, but soil samples were collected that should prove whether something is buried down there. Until the results come back, probably on Monday, the residential property will be treated as a crime scene, much to the amusement of the current owner.

Seventy-two-year-old Patricia Szpunar purchased the house all the way back in 1988, and when authorities knocked on her door and asked if they could look for a body, she jokingly asked them if they expected to find Hoffa. After a few laughs, she told the cops to dig all they want. Approximately one hundred and fifty of her neighbors reportedly lined up around the property to watch the festivities today, but obviously, they didn’t see anything of note whatsoever.

More than likely, Hoffa will never be found, but because it’s one of the most fascinating cases ever, they’ll be exploring Michigan for another century looking for him.

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