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Part clown and part daredevil, Roman Atwood is fond of pulling outlandish pranks in the inner city. Back in September, he scored a huge hit by fake farting on unsuspecting people in the hood, and now, he’s somehow topped himself by tricking people into thinking he just disrespected them in one of the most intrusive and heinous ways possible.

Armed with a pair of scissors and lock of hair, Atwood sneaks up behind the poor Columbus, Ohio residents, loudly snips and then thanks them for donating their hair. It’s heartless and hysterical. Take a look at the brilliance below…

Conceiving and moving forward with an idea like this takes some serious balls, but it’s even more impressive that he doesn’t cop out and say it’s a joke when people start turning on him. All of the best reactions take place after the “victim” has fully processed what supposedly just happened, and Atwood is tough enough to stick out the embarrassing/ scary situations until they’ve fully exhausted their comedic potential.

Luckily, not everyone is that furious in the video. I love the dude who is completely cool with getting his haircut. He’s not surprised. He’s not annoyed. He’s just ready to insta-fist pound. You know he must be the easiest guy to get along with in the world in his personal life.

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