Being third in line to the throne of Monaco likely affords a twenty-something many privileges, but let the record show none of those perks can stop a right hand. At least that’s what Prince Pierre Casiraghi found out when he ate a few punches at the Double Seven over the weekend. I’ve never heard of said club, but some brief Internet searching has told me it’s in New York and in no way related to Jasper, Missouri’s Double Deuce, which Patrick Swayze guarded in Road House.

The incident in question occurred around 2 AM early on Saturday, and it ended with the arrest of Adam Hock, a forty-seven year old former nightclub owner. According to The Chicago Tribune, he was officially charged with assault after Prince Pierre and three of his friends, including former Paris Hilton boyfriend Stavros Niarchos, signed statements saying they were punched repeatedly by Hock.

As for the specifics of why the mess spiraled so out of control, witnesses told The Telegraph the Prince and his buddies were being a bit belligerent and approached Hock’s table. An argument ensued, possibly over a five hundred dollar bottle of alcohol, and within seconds, punches were flying. At one point, the Prince was supposedly on the ground and bleeding from the face.

Hock’s attorney later referred to the Prince and his three friends as “trust-fund babies” in court, and his client asked the judge why they weren’t also handcuffed. Clearly, a lot of animosity still remains, but as for what punishments will be doled out, we’ll have to wait for at least another month when Hock is due back in court.

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