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Princess Diana Dressed As A Gay Male Model While Out With Freddie Mercury

Between a lively social life, hard work for charities, a large estate, a fairytale wedding, a tragic divorce and an even more tragic death, Princess Diana left behind stories both wonderful and sad, but I’ve never heard one quite so weird as the recent tale that the Princess dressed up like a dude while spending time with Queen’s Freddie Mercury and others so that she would be able to get into a gay bar.

Apparently, back in 1988 the princess ditched her feminine gowns and sexy nightwear, instead favoring a pair of sunglasses, an army jacket, and a hat in order to get into a gay pub and pass as a male model. Apparently, Princess Diana was hanging out with TV’s Kenny Everett, as well as Mercury and a few others who surrounded Diana and helped her to achieve the ruse. According to The Mirror, the event is chronicled in a new book by Cleo Rocos called The Power of Positive Drinking.

In the book Rocos, a pal of Everett, chronicles her pal’s tale of the big night out.

The place was full. It took an absolute eon to edge our way to the bar, with person after person cheerfully greeting us. It was fabulously outrageous and so bizarrely exciting. Our hearts pounded with every new leather-clad hairy body that approached, but no one, absolutely no one, recognised Diana.”

I wish there had been some secret photo taken of Diana’s trip to the unidentified gay bar, but alas, there are none. We’ll just have to take the images we have of Diana in a swanky dress and manipulate them in our heads to include ridiculous clothing and a black cap. It’s good to know that Diana wasn’t above wearing her sunglasses at night in the eighties, though.

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