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Despite Come Clean being the title of Puddle of Mudd’s major label release in the early 2000s, lead singer Wes Scantlin has done pretty much anything but. The 39 year-old was arrested back in January for possession of a controlled substance. In the months since, I’m sure things have been a little blurry for the singer and guitarist, who was eventually charged with a felony and two misdemeanors at the beginning of the month.

The fact Scantlin is kind of a mess should be no surprise to anyone. In 2002, he had a spat with his then-fiancé on the side of the highway. People called the cops and both were arrested on domestic dispute charges. Domestic dispute does not obviously equate to drug problems, but it does show a certain lack of self-control. Besides, Scantlin has also showed issues with controlled substance in the past, even being arrested during one of Puddle of Mudd’s shows in 2004 for being too intoxicated to really function around other people. Again, alcohol is hardly coke, but is it really much of a stretch to hear, eight years later, the man has moved on to cocaine?

Because of his past legal problems, Scantlin should be a little worried about his upcoming court date. He’s earned himself a felony charge and, according to TMZ, the musician could end up in jail for up to 4 and a half years. That’s a lot of time to really consider how much you hate yourself. At the very least, some jail time will certainly put a damper on the band’s recording capabilities. The group's upcoming sixth studio album may be a long time coming. A judge is expected to weigh in sometime later this week.

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