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Queen Elizabeth's Panties Sell For 18K

In a twisted, odd, and stomach-churning turn of events, someone got a hold of a vintage pair of Queen Elizabeth’s underwear. The underwear then began a strange journey onto the Internet, where the item was put up for auction. I always knew some people had a fetish for grody underwear, but apparently when that pair of panties once belonged to the Queen, the price goes up exponentially.

The cream and lace-edged silk piece of clothing was monogrammed with the royal crown as well as the letter “E;” however, because the garment maker and the royal palace were staying out of the whole affair, there was no way to specifically prove the underwear was once in the possession of Queen Elizabeth II. This meant potential buyers had to take a pretty big leap of faith when bidding on the pair. Regardless, the panties eventually drummed up $18,000 dollars on E-Bay and went to one anonymous and presumably lucky owner.

The “supposed” history behind the panties is a little strange. TMZ is reporting that Queen Elizabeth took a trip to Chile way back in 1968. Apparently, the undergarment was left on a private plane during the trip and was eventually taken back to the estate of "Baron" Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi, who died in 2010. Whether the panties were the Queen’s or no, they are certainly old and a piece of eclectic history.