Random Dude: I'll Pay Casey Anthony $10,000 To Never Speak About What Happened

As anyone who watched Nathan Lane’s recent story arc on

[[ ahref http good-wife-adds-kristin-chenoweth-nathan-lane-season-4-updated-44018.html television www.cinemablend.com ]] The Good Wife can tell you, bankruptcy is an extremely complicated process that strips the broke business or individual of almost all decision making power and almost all assets. Luckily for Casey Anthony, who owes roughly $800,000 to various creditors, the almost in the bankruptcy laws will likely prevent her from being forced to accept a truly insulting deal.

According to TMZ, a man named James M Schober has approached the judge in the bankruptcy case and offered to fork over $10,000 for the rights to Anthony’s life story. He’s not interested in doing anything with it as much as he’s reportedly interested in preventing anyone else from profiting from it. The trustee appointed to oversee the acquitted woman’s case is apparently very open to the idea of creating a bidding war between those who want to broadcast her story and those who think she shouldn’t be able to profit from it. Unless Anthony agrees, however, it seems extremely unlikely that a judge would ever force someone either to be silent about her life story or to put her life story on record.

Regardless of whether Anthony murdered her daughter or not (in the eyes of the law, she didn’t), all she can do now is try to return to being a productive member of society. She can’t do that, however, until these debts hanging over her head are taken care of. Here’s to hoping that gets handled sooner rather than later and Anthony drifts back into obscurity forever.

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